Saturday, June 16, 2012

Skincare tip of the day!

Happy Saturday!
It's June and with summer right around the corner, it's getting hot hot hot outside! The weather is just too beautiful for the day to be spent inside. That means summer BBQ's and cookouts, poolside parties and trips to the beach. Although the sunshine is great for a tan and for our minds (you can't help but be happy when you're enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful day), the heat that comes along with it isn't so nice to our skin and our makeup. If you are in need of an afternoon refresher for you skin, mist a toner over your face. The toner will feel cool against your skin, will refresh that pretty face of makeup and balance the pH of your skin. This will feel like an amazing 'pick me up' for your skin and makeup. 
I love this deluxe sample size toner from Pangea Organics that I received in a previous Birchbox a few months back. The size of it is wonderful for tossing into my beach bag or clutch when I'm out enjoying the sunny rays and summer heat. The smell is ahhh-mazing as well! This is the Italian Green Mandarin and Sweet Lime toner for normal to combination skin. 
I'll have a link below for Birchbox and Pangea Organics if you're interested in checking out this product! 

And that's your skincare tip of the day! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend friends! 

Follow these links to check out the Birchbox beauty subscription service and Pangea Organics!


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