Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introducing Hebony & Jamar! A lifestyle blog that I'm co-creater of!

I hope September is being good to you all so far! Fall is near and it is so exciting! I've been busy and thankfully so, but miss you all so very much. I'm excited to announce a new journey I am embarking on with one of my dearest and closest friends of all time. As you know, I love blogging about all things beauty (hence the title of my blog), but there are so many other topics that I have been eager to share with you all, I just haven't had the venue to do so until now! I would like to introduce to you a new lifestyle blog that I have created along with my best friend, Hali. It is called, Hebony & Jamar after a name Hali and I came up with years ago; a name that is very significant to our friendship. We decided to create this blog to share all of the knowledge we have on a variety of topics as a guide for the average girl or woman living life on a budget, who enjoys cooking, do-it-yourself's, and still loves keeping up with the latest trends in beauty and fashion. You will find many beauty tips and tricks, as well as tutorials on this blog, but do not worry, I will mainly be posting beauty blogs here on For the Love of Beauty. Hebony & Jamar will be a venue for Hali to share many of her beauty tips and hair tutorials, so look out for those! She also has her own jewelry line, so we have planned many tutorials and jewelry DIY's! I however, will be contributing to this new blog by doing mainly posts on recipes and home decor in addition to the fashion and beauty blogs. If you follow my Instagram and Twitter you may know that I love cooking and frequently post pictures of the recipes I cook. I have received many requests to share my recipes and create cooking vlogs, so I am excited to finally be able to do so for you all on this new blog! We are in the very beginning stages of creating the blog, but I would love for you to head on over and subscribe! Be on the look out for our first post, introducing ourselves and sharing a little background on our friendship. Hali is amazing and funny, so I know you all will love her. She's my best friend of all time and I hope you all welcome her to the blogging community with open arms. She has a passion for many of the same things that I do and she's also an amazing cook! I appreciate all of your support and cannot wait to share this all with you so very soon! Hope you are having an amazing week and I will leave the link to Hebony & Jamar down below! 

Meet Hali! 

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