Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Search For The Perfect Foundation and What To Do When Your Holy Grail Products Have Been Discontinued

I've tried, tested, and traveled near and far in search of the perfect foundation for my skin. Oily/Combo, acne prone, fair, hyper-pigmentation, sensitive with visible redness, and did I say FAIR? Because girl I'm as pale as they come! NOT an easy combination to try and find liquid foundation for. Many times I thought I was happy, but there would always be that one drawback, for example, longevity, lack of coverage in problem areas, or oxidation. About 2 months ago, I had reached a point of frustration and just pure desperation. Since beginning my career as a Beauty Advisor with Estee Lauder, of course I wanted to wear the line I'm representing on a daily basis. But, when I tried the infamous Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation it absolutely, without a doubt, did NOT work for my skin. Yes, it looked great for about 2 hours after application, but then it just melted away and literally oxidized on me and turned ORANGE. Even with a setting powder on top and primer underneath! My manager recommended I try the Estee Lauder Double Matte foundation. She matched me and sent me home with a 10-day supply to sample. The next day after applying to a fresh face I was impressed, but not enough to say I fell in love at first stroke or anything. I think it's because I was constantly in the back of my mind preparing for disappointment like I faced with so many other foundations that I tried. After a few hours I checked back in the mirror, got a second opinion from my manager and I thought, "It's not bad. But I don't think it's for me." I made myself try it out for the rest of the week and I realized I began to like it more and more. After 2 weeks of trying it out, I fell IN LOVE. That's not an exaggeration. On an off I've tried switching up my foundations with the Double Matte to compare and there literally is NO comparison for me. I've never received so many compliments on my complexion. I love that the Double Matte controls my oil production and never makes me look greasy, but I do have a nice glow to my complexion by the end of the day. I really don't find it pertinent to touch up every single day. It honestly just depends on how hot or humid the weather is and how my skin is behaving. I believe I found my perfect foundation, and just when I thought all was right with the world... well, I think you know where this is headed. But first, check out the swatches and photos below and stay tuned.

Now, after I've hyped you all up about this amazing foundation, I'm now facing the dilemma of my holy grail foundation being discontinued. I work at an Estee Lauder counter, as I mentioned before, and we still have this foundation available for purchase. Up until this past month I had heard no word of Double Matte being discontinued, while it has just been a "by request only" foundation that we no longer advertise/display. Much like Estee Lauder Lucidy foundation. Recently I've heard a little hearsay here and there, and then I came across this:

Did I read that correctly? This product is no longer available. NOOOOOOO!!!!!
I immediately went to Twitter to confirm with Estee Lauder. Here's what they said...

So there is the unfortunate news, it has been discontinued. I'm so sad, but my advice for those who love this foundation,  STOCK UP while/if you can! 
I know I will be!

Can't find this foundation at your Estée Lauder counter? 
Contact Estée Lauder's, Gone But Not Forgotten program that helps customers locate products that have been discontinued within the last three years. By contacting them at 800-216-7173, Customer Care Reps will search for the discontinued item you are looking for, and if available you will be contacted! Be warned, this can take up to 4 weeks to hear back, but customers can purchase up to 6 pieces of each product if available! Woop woop! Credit cards only! 
Hope this helps those facing the dilemma of their favorite products being discontinued. 
If you have any questions, feel free to email them to me. 


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